This was my third year shooting at Outside Lands as a photographer for the blog Silence Nogood. Golden Gate park is a mixture of California ambience. The breeze of the ocean is about a mile west and As you walk around the perimeter of the park you hear music coming from each stage. I always seem to find myself in Choco Lands where Hell Brew review is. This mystical place, year after, has captured my attention. There isn’t a lot about the performers in the Outside Lands official app or on the festival guide, but each year I am pleasntly surprised by the musicians that are there. 
I am a total California boy and have grown up loving San Francisco. I have many fond memories of Golden Gate Park. This is different. Getting into the festival is an experience in itself. From the very beginning there is this festival vibe in the surrounding neighborhoods and fenced perimeter. I feel it is such a great experience because of the combination of people, music, and summer vibes. You walk around this massive park and every step of the way you find yourself immersed in this catatonic sense of realism. After a few beverages it’s difficult to really keep track of the shows but the adventure of walking from stage to stage is the best part, Again... It's about the people. 
The diversity and contrast of Northern California & its people and environment is magical. Outside Lands for me has become this place where music meets nature in a very human way. The way we consume music is unique to the human species. There is a rhythm that flows through each of us and music stimulates the senses which govern our human experience. When I take a photograph of someone I want them to be as natural as possible. I enjoy people watching and people interacting with music, nature, color, and each others sexiness is interesting to document. 
My photographs capture the culture of this gathering. For me it’s such a great escape from my daily commute from the Central Valley to the Silicon Valley. I can escape for a few days in music but then get right back to the day to day. Throughout the year I go to different local shows in San Francisco and this one is a combination of all the good music that is in the area. Mix all of that with the Golden Coast and it makes for a fun three day experience.