In its twenty-third year, Noise Pop is one of San Francisco's most eclectic festivals. Running from February 20 thru March 1, Noise Pop is what SF is all about. Music, Film, Art, People… all come together to escape from our day to day.  Spread out all over the city, artists come from all over the world to showcase their mediums in some of San Francisco’s most historic buildings. The Swedish American Hall was this years basecamp. Other venues included 1015 Folsom, Bottom of the Hill, The Fillmore, Fox Theatre (Oakland), The Independent, and The Regency Ballroom just to name a few. This was my first year attending the festival and I have to say that I love the vibe. Shooting for got me up close and personal for two nights of invigoratingly stimulating music.

On Tuesday, February 24 we were at The Regency and covered Flight Facilities. From the moment Hugo and James took set, their energy was immediately felt. If you haven’t heard the electronic mixes from this Australian powerhouse, then you're missing out. One of my favorites is “Crave You”. Such a perfect song for this moment in my life. They brought along fellow Aussie, Owl Eyes; 2008 Australian Idol contestant Brooke Addamo. While they did their magic she worked the stage with her vocal prowess & blonde sexiness.

I shot solo on Friday, February 27 at 1015 Folsom. Leading up to a set I will remember for the rest of my life by Slow Magic, there were a few artists that started the night by stirring the energy. Underbelly, Moors, and Lindsay Lowend got us all moving and in that state of mind only music can get you. They generated a high that set an atmosphere of love and lust. Lyrics, beats, and soul where rampaging through the main room at 1015. 

Slow Magics mystique is captivating. With a multi-colored fox mask, this man enchants his audience. While mixing on his Mac he also beats the fuck out of his drums. Switching between different sounds and genres, this being takes us on a visual and auditory journey deep into our minds eye. You can’t help but be stimulated by the sights and sounds. Not to mention the scent blowing high into the the second floor of 1015 Folsom. I got the opportunity to be on stage for the majority of the set and I could feel his energy pulsating into his performance. The crowd was captivated, especially when he jumped down with his drum into the pit. Job well done sir!